13 juni 2015 written by Maas-Maarten Zeeman

A Fuse Box Based Zotonic Server

Some time ago I had a netbook computer. A low-powered dual core atom computer. It performed amazingly well with Erlang and Zotonic on it. So I decided to get a passively cooled barebones computer to run zotonic from my electricity meter cupboard.

This is a short story about the machine and what I intent to use it for.
Shuttle XS35V4

The Server

After hooking up all the parts I placed it in the fuse-box. It is currently running Zotonic and hosting this site.

It is a Shuttle XS35V4 and has a quad core J1900 Celeron, 8 gb of ram, and a 120 Gb SSD. The nice thing is that it doesn't consume a lot of power and it is passively cooled.

The Plan

The machine is intended to run this site which is currently entirely based on mod_base_site

On this platform I want to build a experiment with a new zotonic module which allows one to make resources via email. The general idea is that by sending an email, possibly including attachments, the email is published on the site.

In the past I had a blog on Posterous which had this functionality.

Another thing I would like to show is that Erlang and Zotonic are a really powerful solutions for running websites on low-powered machines such as this one. In the future I want to publish statistics to show what an amazing load these small low-power machines can handle.



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